Are you allowed to change attorneys?

Although not what anyone wants, it happens. You hire a criminal defense attorney that checks off everything you’re looking for then after working together on the case, you realize you are not too happy with your choice anymore. So are you able to change criminal defense lawyers? The short answer is yes. However, there is a process for this.

You must file a motion with the court to substitute counsel and the details will vary from state to state. There are genuine reasons to change lawyers. For one, if your lawyer insists on you accepting a plea but you want to move forward with a trial, then that can be enough for you to want to switch lawyers. Most experienced attorneys will know better how a case will generally go, but ultimately you have a right in choosing what you think is best for you. However, not every disagreement with your defense attorney should be grounds for you to change.

In most cases, your motion will be approved, unless the court believes that you’re doing it to unnecessarily delay the proceedings against you. There is not a set limit to the number of times a person can change attorneys. The deciding factor, in most cases, is whether the judge overseeing the case will allow the current attorney to withdraw from the case. In some instances, if the case has been pending too long, the judge will simply set the case for trial, which can impede the defendant’s ability to change counsel and somewhat set an end-date for the case. The best way to hire an attorney is to interview a number of them and get a deeper understanding of the cases they’ve represented and how their personal style blends with yours. There is no one-size-fits-all defense attorney for every case.

Why Hiring the Right Attorney is Key
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