Broward County Man charged with Murder of his wife

The last thing Jorge Rodriguez expected to hear when he answered the phone at 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning was the words spoken by his close friend Alberto Ramos. Ramos repeatedly told his friend “I have killed my wife”. Ramos disclosed to his friend that he killed his wife in a struggle the previous evening. After digesting the grim proclamation, Rodriguez called the police to report the possible crime. When police contacted Ramos he gave them an address that proved to be bogus. Rodriguez was then able to give police a description of the building where Ramos lived which they were later able to find. Upon arrival at the premises, located in the 600 block of Antioch Avenue in the Central Beach area of Fort Lauderdale, police witnessed a bloody Ramos leaving the building. Ramos’ wife, Danitza Gomez Reyes, 36 was found dead by detectives inside the apartment in its rear bedroom. She was observed face down lying in a pool of blood surrounding her head. A number of knives were also found in the area where the victim was found.

As police approached Mr. Ramos they found him talking on his cell phone with a 911 dispatcher reporting that he did indeed kill his spouse. No motive was given by him for his action.

According to the police report, after the alleged murder, Ramos ingested 30 to 40 pills and inflicted superficial cuts to his own forearms. The report doesn’t specify if he communicated to the detectives why he chose to do this.

Ramos, 49, was ordered to be held without bond in the Broward County jail. His primary court appearance will be on Wednesday, Sept. 26th. He’s charged with first-degree murder.

Murder charges can be punishable by up to life in prison depending upon their degree and in cases involving premeditation and heinous atrocious and cruel acts can be punishable by death. If you’ve been charged with a murder of any degree, it is essential that you understand the charges brought against you. It is also vital that you are represented by an attorney that thoroughly knows and understands the laws relating to murder charges and is vastly experienced in providing aggressive representation.

In a case such as this the determination of whether or not the State will file a Notice of Intent to seek the Death Penalty will depend upon the result of the State’s ongoing investigation related to whether or not the defendant’s acts were premeditated or not. If the State were to seek the death penalty then a separate mitigation or penalty phase of the trial would have to be held but only in the event that the defendant was first found guilty of first degree premeditated murder after the first phase of the jury trial.

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