Consequences of Having a Criminal Record

Besides the commonly known consequences of having a criminal record like serving time in jail or prison and paying heavy fines, having a criminal conviction can affect your life even if you do finish serving time or pay off the fines.
Even the most minor criminal charges can affect your personal and professional life.

Probably the most well-known consequence of having a criminal record is how it can negatively impact professional opportunities. Most employers run background checks and when they do yours, they will have a negative view of you and your capabilities. Although this is deemed unfair by many, employers may judge your morals and character especially if it was a serious offense. They may also wonder if you are likely to be a repeat offender. Another way you could be impacted by your criminal past is with child custody. If you are or ever do have a custody battle, the other party may bring up your record against you to deem you as an unfit parent. This is especially true if the charge was domestic abuse or other charges involving violence.

A criminal record can also affect your ability to take out a loan. Mortgage lenders may mark you as a high-risk borrower. This includes federal aid if you ever decide to go back to school. Probably one of the most serious consequences is if you are an immigrant and are convicted of a crime. This could lead to you losing your job, being deported or prevent you from becoming a United States citizen. These are only a few of the many consequences that may impact you if you are convicted of a crime.

That is why it is important to hire a skilled and experienced attorney like Michael B. Cohen to help you get your charge dismissed, or at the very least get it minimized.

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