Defying Odds: Dwight Lynch Acquitted in Aggravated Battery Case After Intense June 2023 Trial – Michael B. Cohen

In June 2023, Mr. Cohen found himself in the midst of a high-stakes legal battle, defending his client, Dwight Lynch, against charges of Aggravated Battery with a firearm. This first-degree felony in Florida carries a daunting minimum mandatory 25-year sentence, putting Lynch’s freedom in jeopardy.

The case, State v Dwight Lynch, unfolded over four intense days in the courtroom. The heart of the matter revolved around the serious charge of Aggravated Battery, a crime that alleges intentional harm with a firearm. As the trial progressed, the stakes became increasingly clear – a guilty verdict would mean a lengthy prison sentence for Lynch.

One pivotal moment in the trial was Mr. Cohen’s cross-examination of the state’s crime scene investigator. Through a strategic line of questioning, Cohen demonstrated that the trajectory of the projectile, the centerpiece of the prosecution’s case, did not align with an intentional act of violence. This revelation lent substantial weight to the defense’s argument that Lynch had not intentionally shot the alleged victim.

After four days of courtroom drama, Mr. Cohen delivered a compelling closing argument, highlighting the key defense points that challenged the prosecution’s narrative. The culmination of these efforts was a resounding victory – the jury acquitted Dwight Lynch of all felony charges.

While the preference is always to resolve cases without resorting to trial, Mr. Cohen’s ability to navigate the complexities of a courtroom shines in cases like State v Dwight Lynch. The victory underscores the importance of having an experienced and skilled trial lawyer when facing serious criminal charges.

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