Domestic Violence Escalates to Attempted First-Degree Murder

After reports of gunshots at the Barrington Club apartments in Coral Springs, police were called to the complex by a 911 dispatcher. When they arrived, they saw a man leaving a residence and then hurriedly returning inside, authorities said.

Soon after, Katherine Maffei, 40, suffering from a gunshot wound, left the premises and stumbled to the ground. Her father, Robert Ranta, 67 who was firmly carrying his 4-year old daughter’s son out of the residence also collapsed next to his daughter. He was suffering from gunshot wounds as well. The child was unharmed, but Mrs. Maffei, and her father, were both taken in serious condition to Broward Health North.

According to a Coral Springs police statement Thomas Maffei, 45, the victim’s estranged husband allegedly fired a gun through the front door of his wife’s apartment. He then held her captive along with her father and shot at both of them at close range. The shootings occurred in front of their 4-year-old son.

The incident came to light just after 8:00 p.m. last Friday, when a 911 operator received a domestic disturbance call from a woman in the Barrington Club apartments on the 10500 block of Sample Road in Coral Springs. More 911 calls were received from other neighbors who reported that gunshots had been fired.

Police encircled the apartment upon arrival. Mr. Maffei finally surrendered to police after they moved the victims to safety. Mr. Maffei has been charged with multiple offenses including two counts of attempted first-degree murder, armed burglary, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of false imprisonment and child abuse. Police said that the couple is currently separated and undergoing a divorce. Mr. Maffei is a retired US Air Force officer who currently resides in Parkland
“I saw my hand explode. He shot me from point-blank range. I was sort of waiting for that kill shot. I absolutely thought we were going to die.” Mrs. Maffei said. After being released from the hospital, she went on to say that the shooting culminates almost two years of physical and emotional abuse and was something she always feared.

In the 911 tape, Mrs. Maffei is first heard screaming for help telling the dispatcher that her estranged husband was banging at the door trying to shove his way in. Then, for numerous minutes she and others in her apartment are heard in the background screaming. The 911 operator assessing the situation alerts the police who are sent to the scene.

Maffei said on Thursday that her husband was continually screaming “You took my stuff” and then shot her and her father. Both the father and daughter each sustained two gunshot wounds.

The recording also revealed her repeatedly pleading for help and saying she couldn’t move. Her father’s ribs were broken by one of the bullets.

Mrs. Maffei has filed domestic violence cases against her husband five times and has unsuccessfully tried to get restraining orders on three separate occasions, court records show.

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