How Cases Get To A Federal Court

Criminal cases fall into generally two types of court systems – federal and state. Which court your case will fall under will depend on which court system has jurisdiction (the power to make legal decisions and judgements). Most states like Florida have broad jurisdiction and can hear cases regarding DUI cases, theft, assault, traffic offenses, etc. Even so, state courts are limited to just interpreting state law while federal courts hear a criminal case when there’s a violation in federal law. It’s important to hire an experienced and proven lawyer to handle your case in either scenario.

If you have been tried of a federal crime, your trial will likely be heard in one of these types of courts:

District Courts: 94 courts around the country where federal cases are tried
Appellate Courts: created to reduce the number of cases to The Supreme Court. They can also hear cases from the district courts
Supreme Court: highest court in the country

Examples of Federal Criminal Cases

Drug Offenses/ Weapons Possession: Federal courts can have jurisdiction over these types of offenses when the crime is serious and severe. For example, trafficking large quantities of controlled substances will be taken up with a federal court. Likewise, severe and serious violations of weapon possession will be taken up with a federal court.
White Collar Crimes: these types of offenses refer to non-violent violations. This includes fraud, tax evasion, embezzlement.
Treason: war against the U.S. or aid/comfort an enemy of the U.S.
Immigration charges: falsify documents to help someone illegally enter the U.S. or residency, knowingly employing illegal immigrants
Child pornography/sex trafficking
Federal property vandalism or trespassing
Crimes involving multiple different states
Many of these crimes can overlap so it’s possible that a convicted individual can be tried in both state and federal courts.

Federal or State, we got you covered!

To create the best plan for your defense, it’s important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer that can navigate the legal process on your behalf in either state or federal charges. We can discuss the details and specifics to provide the best legal defense in the event your trial will be heard on the federal level. I have personally argued a case before the Florida Supreme Court. You can check it out here. Call us today at 954.928.0059 for a free consultation!

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