Miami-Dade Woman Arrested for DUI Manslaughter and Related Charges

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Accepting her fate at the Turner Gilford Knight Correctional Center late last month where she was being held on $80,000 bail, Jessica Araujo of Miami was formally arrested and charged with numerous alcohol related charges including DUI manslaughter.

Other charges that Araujo will now face are vehicular homicide, reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol; causing serious bodily injury, and possession of cocaine.

A warrant was issued for her arrest late last month for her association in a crash that occurred in April that took the life of one of the drivers involved in the multi-car collision.

According to police, Araujo was driving at a high rate of speed in the vicinity of Kendall Lakes in South Miami when her 2011 Hyundai Sonata crashed into a Toyota Prius operated by Naji El-Kadi after she soared through a red light. The impact of the high-speed collision pushed the two vehicles into a then stationary Toyota Corolla which was being driven by Manuel Suquet-Martinez.

Both Araujo and Suquet-Martinez basically avoided serious injury but El-Kadi was mortally inured in the crash. He was airlifted to Kendall Regional Trauma Center where he later passed, after emergency treatment proved unsuccessful.

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Araujo’s blood was drawn one hour after the accident and demonstrated a reading of 0.225 which is almost three times more than the legal limit allows. A subsequent draw taken three hours later allegedly reported an analysis of 0.135, more than double the legal limit of 0.08.

Investigators believed that Araujo was under the influence when the accident took place but waited for definitive results before issuing the warrant that named all the pending charges. There was an almost two month gap from the time of her initial confinement after the accident until the warrant was served.

Florida law requires a four-year mandatory minimum sentence for a DUI manslaughter conviction but the prosecution and/or judge can waive that requirement at their discretion.

Penalties for DUI Manslaughter also may vary depending on the County where the arrest takes place.

In Florida, as a whole, the average incarceration sentence averaged 9.49 years [1]. But breaking down the enacted consequences by County varies.

Historically, Palm Beach County has had the longest sentences imposed at an average of 11.54 years [2] followed by Broward County at 9.95 years [3] and Miami-Dade with the shortest decreed period of incarceration; averaging 6.09 years.

By means of using statistics from cases that have reached their final disposition since 2012, although Miami-Dade has the shortest sentencing outcomes, it leads the tri-county area for convictions with sixty-six [4]. Broward County tried 27 cases that resulted with convictions [5] and Palm Beach County tried 24 cases where penalties were considered [6].

Statistically speaking, although the evidence against Ms. Araujo may be overwhelming her chances of receiving a shorter sentence is greatly improved based on the above data.

If you are requested to take a blood alcohol test when pulled over by law enforcement and refuse, it will be held against you if the case goes to trial.

Refusing a breathalyzer test when it is requested by police can cause you to lose your driving privileges for one year, no matter what outcome of a prosecution is decided.

If you read the small print that is clearly written on your Florida driver’s license you will see that it states: “Operator of a motor vehicle constitutes consent to any sobriety test required by law.”

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Another point to take into consideration is the influence a victim’s family may play during the sentencing phase of a case.

If the family pushes for a harsh sentence the judge may be inclined to follow their wishes. However, if the family believes that the defendant is truly remorseful and even chooses to forgive them for the death of their family member, a judge can be influenced to dispense a shorter period of reprimand.

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