Choosing the Right Post-Conviction Attorney

One of the most frightening things to go through is being convicted of a federal crime, but even scarier is not picking the right post-conviction attorney to help you navigate through your case and fight for the best outcome.
When Googling post-conviction attorneys, you will get more than 58 million search results, making it very difficult to determine who is the right fit for your case, however, there are certain characteristics you should be looking for in your attorney to help you narrow the list down.


Appeal Experience

The top appellate attorneys have many years of experience dealing with this process and know where and how to look for legal errors, issues within the case, and especially know how to write a persuasive appellate brief that will capture the attention of the appellate judges. To achieve the best results, experience is a must.


Reputation among peers is one of the best traits for an appellate attorney. Many sites show you different attorney rates such as Justia, where you can see the top lawyers in your area. Other ways to check ratings out are through Google Reviews, social media presence, etc.

Who is handling your appeal?

Many law firms bait you in by having you talk to an attorney and later on you find out that they’re not the ones handling your case. Again, experience is everything, and delegating your case to a much less experienced attorney won’t help your case.
It is also important to make sure you hire a local attorney. Many times, they will advertise their firms as “national” but end up referring the case to other appellate attorneys.


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