What Do I Do If There Is A Warrant for My Arrest?

Finding out that there is a warrant out for your arrest can be a daunting experience. The unfortunate truth is that most do not realize this is the case until they get a knock on the door from officials trying to arrest them. However, whether you become aware weeks in advance or find out as you hear pounding on your door, there are steps you can take to protect your rights and freedom.

The second you hear about an arrest warrant for you, it is imperative that you hire a lawyer to represent you. A lawyer can help you not make mistakes or give statements that may hurt your case. Even if you know that you are innocent, it is important that you seek advice and knowledge from a criminal defense lawyer.

The best thing you can do to raise your chances of walking away free, or with a lighter sentence, is to not make statements to the police. Under your constitutional rights, you have the right to remain silent while under police custody.

-Do not make any verbal or written statements to the police, or to other inmates. This can be used against you as well.
-Your attorney should always be present whenever you are questioned
-Watch what you say during your phone calls at the station. Your conversations may be recorded and used against you.

Next, with consultation from your attorney, once all arrangements have been made, the next best step would be to turn yourself into the police. This is called voluntary surrender.

If you are arrested because there is a warrant for your arrest, or even suspect that there is, speak with an experienced attorney right away to help protect your rights and freedom. Call Michael Cohen today for a free consultation at 954.928.0059.

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