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Millions of tourists flock to Florida throughout the year for its enjoyable warm weather and unique range of fun in the sun. Whether you’re here for spring break, a girls trip, or just to do a little relaxing, too much fun in a state you’re not familiar with can be a recipe for disaster when you land on the wrong side of the law. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, liquor law violation, trespassing, shoplifting, or any other criminal charge while on vacation, here at Michael B. Cohen Law we want to offer the best legal services to resolve your matter.

How do I handle an out of state arrest?

So you’ve been arrested while on vacation in Florida, what do you do next? It’s imperative that you take the situation seriously and remain proactive as possible. The state where the alleged crime took place will have jurisdiction to prosecute. So just because you live in another state does not mean it won’t affect you. In fact, ignoring these charges can result in a warrant for your arrest for the state you live in. Also, note you can be prosecuted for doing something in Florida that isn’t necessarily illegal in your home state. The first step you should take is to hire a local lawyer for the state you were arrested in so they can best handle your legal circumstance.

We have heard many times from clients that police did not read them their Miranda rights. And trust us when we say we believe you. However, you might be shocked to hear that law enforcement does not have to read you your rights. “Miranda Rights” comes from a Supreme Court case in the 1960s called Miranda v. Arizona. The court stated that if police want to question a person in police custody, they must make them aware of the Fifth Amendment protection against self-incriminating statements and their right to an attorney.

Miranda Rights are as follows:

You have the right to remain silent

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